Syma X5C Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

Syma X5C Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera and extra battery in exclusive Black/Red design

Product Description: If you are a novice at flying drones, then Syma X5C quadcopter is a perfect gadget to practice the maneuvering and basic stunts. The copter is quite easy to handle and stable to boost your confidence in flying.
The product package includes the Syma X5C quadcopter drone with 2MP HD camera, 1 USB charging cable, 4 rotors, 4 blade guards, 1 screwdriver, 2 landing pads, user manual, one 2.4 GHz remote control (batteries not included) and 2 LiPo batteries for drone (3.7V 500mAh).
This black color drone has HD camera that is simple to attach or detach, as per your choice. Two black and two red rotors give this drone a unique look.
Features: Syma X5C quadcopter drone with camera is indoor and outdoor flier and it is suitable for all skill levels. The 6-axis gyro stabilizing function gives stability and piloting flexibility to the drone and thus you can control it with ease.
The provision of a spare LiPo battery ensures that you get a continued flying time by instantly replacing the drained battery by a charged one. The battery takes 60 minutes to charge and the fly time on a single charge is 5-7minutes.
The controller has a range of approximately 30 meters. Hence, it is advisable to keep the drone within that range for effective maneuvering.
The 2MP HD camera can take decent quality photos and capture videos that can be stored on the 4 GB memory card. So enjoy the aerial view of your neighborhood and other interesting locales.

Advantages: The 6-axis gyro technology renders steadiness to the drone and it is easier to pilot it in different modes.
Additional battery provided compensates the flying time that would be lost after the installed battery ran out of power. Now you get extra fly time by immediately changing the used battery with a freshly charged one.
The drone performs well in slight windy conditions too.
Since it is easy to operate, you can practice flying indoor before taking it out in the open.

Disadvantages: Since it is lightweight, the drone tends to fall down on its back and if you are outdoor, then there are chances of the prop to get entangled in grass before coming to a standstill.
If the blade guards are not fixed, then there is a likelihood of damage to the rotors after crash.
Another point to note is that you should keep a close watch on the battery signal and bring the drone down well in time. If you are recording a video when the battery is about to run out and if you have not called off the recording, then the recorded portion is not saved and your efforts go down the drain.
Keep away from trees when you are flying outdoors. Try to select as open space as possible. That is because if you lose control of the craft at a higher altitude, then it may just drift into a tree and get stuck between the branches. Brining the drone down becomes a cumbersome exercise.

Verdict: Whether you are a novice or an expert, this drone will give you some entertaining time- flying and taking images and videos. This is quite reliable in the price range below $100, to permit you to learn how to control a drone well.

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